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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 Jun 2020 | Tags ( faq docs )

Here is our list of Frequently Asked Questions. Well at the moment they are some questions I figured people might have.


Q: Who are the people behind this project?
A: The project lead is Dr. Peter Maynard, aka Pete. His background is in critical national infrastructure security, with a focus on secure networking protocols. (Think power station networks)

Currently, the project is new and we don’t have a large community. However, in the future, I hope this will change, and become a community that prioritises helping people who need help and pulling together to improve all desktop users’ privacy.

Q: How can I fund the project?
A: You can directly fund the project via GitHub’s sponsor program. 100% of the donations will go to the developer, so no middle person (GitHub cover the costs). This will in turn give Pete the time to develop LAF.


Q: What is a Firewall?
A: Short answer: It decides who your computer can talk to.
Long answer, see this post.


There are none at the moment, email Pete with questions!

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